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2022 Summer Edition

This newsletter was created for the convenience of those who don’t need yet another piece of paper to file. We hope you enjoy using it.  Feel free to scan through it, and if you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to complete the form in the footer of this page. 

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The Latest From Your Board

Hello Neighbors,

Living in a community with an HOA means several things. First, it is a community. We live close to our neighbors, some we know and socialize with, some we wave to on our morning walks, and others we rarely see. Regardless of how well we know each other, we all experience the presence of our neighbors – from the beauty of the landscaping across the street to the pile of broken fence pieces all over the side yard… Living in an HOA provides for the right to enjoy a peaceful existence in your home as well as the responsibility to maintain your property and be considerate of those nearby. Ultimately, it preserves your home value and enhances your overall lifestyle. The following tips are suggestions for some of the most important ways we can be great neighbors and contribute to the community:

1. Pressure wash your driveway and sidewalk – not only does it make your home look like a million bucks, it prevents unfortunate slips if the concrete is wet and has a layer of mildew.

2. The sides, backs, and fascias of your home tend to get mildewy over several years with all the moisture in our climate. Pressure washing these areas once a year or so can make a big difference in the exterior appearance.

3. Trim back trees from over the sidewalks, remove dead and dying branches, palm fronds, and clean up leaves in the yard.

4. Although the HOA does not oversee the streets (these belong to the County) we do encourage resident to park in the driveways rather than on the street for safety and ease of navigating. If you do need to park in the street occasionally, please use the area in front of your own home when possible so as not to block your neighbor’s yard.

5. Commercial vehicles – work trucks, vans, anything with lettering, racks, ladders, or equipment – are not allowed to park overnight in the community. If you use yours to commute to work, please park it in the garage or leave it at another location outside the community.

6. If you have dead patches in your yard, put in some sod.

7. If the paint on your home is fading, a coat of paint makes a world of difference.

8. Fences don’t last forever. Repair, paint, or replace wooden and PVC fences when needed.

9. If you are making any changes to the outside of your home please submit a request first (see ARC in the menu above) to ensure that you don’t have to remove or redo something that you’ve put time and money into.

10. Remember that the HOA does have rules and regulations (viewable in the menu above) and while it isn’t what we like to do, we do send reminder letters when violations of these are noted. If several notices are sent about the same violation, there is a legal enforcement process which will involve fees to the homeowner when the issue is not addressed.

Management Company:
Our Community Association Manager is our point person at our Management Company and is here to assist you.  Her email is  Please email or call her with any questions, concerns, or needs you may have regarding our community.

Our Website
The community website is the Bradford Cove Master Association website.  Click HERE to go to the website.  When visiting, you will be able to see upcoming events, neighborhood news, and the community’s governing documents, and rules and regulations as well.

This website also has the annual budget, architectural review application and the meeting minutes. You can use the site to send in requests for information, report a violation or ask for your account balance.  

Trash Cans
Please do not put trash cans or household items out until the evening before or the morning of scheduled pick up and please bring them in by the end of that same evening. Yard waste should not be placed out until the day before pickup. If you have any electrical items you want picked up, please contact Orange County refuse department.

Garbage Days

Garbage and recycle pickup is on Mondays, and yard waste is on Tuesdays in Bradford Cove. County ordinance as well as HOA codes specify that garbage and yard waste not be placed at the street prior to the evening before pickup.

This not only helps keep the community looking neater, it also enhances health and safety in the community. Thank you for your help!

Paint Colors

Please remember to submit an ARC request to arc@greatcommunities before you buy your paint, even if it is the same color as is already on your house.

Residents of Bradford Cove can also receive a discount at Sherwin Williams with this code: 1650-2238-5   Yay! Discounts!

Click Here to view a palette of preapproved colors. 

Hurricane Season

As hurricane season approaches, we are prepared and will be in communication with all of our residents about important things to know in the event a storm is headed our way. Additional information to help you prepare your home is below.

After assessing damages done from hurricanes in the past few years, encourages Floridians to have at least 7 days of supplies. These supplies include food, water, medicine, batteries, etc. You can go to 
answer a few questions, and it will generate a plan along with a checklist and suggestions for your household. (We did this, and it didn’t require that we submit emails or phone numbers to which innumerable spam types of propaganda would be sent, it just created a handy checklist and plan that we could download if we choose)


Pick Up After Your Pets  

Bradford Cove


We all know that it should be done. Let’s face it, nobody likes to step in dog poo. It stinks, and then, if you don’t realize you stepped in it, you track it into your house and it gets on the rug in the living room and then your wife gives you a real hard time about it and you have to clean the rug. All this because someone failed to pick up after his or her pet. Yes, lets pick up after our pets every time. 

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